Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Real Housewives of Vancouver - Season Finale

Wow!!! What a season. What a show!!! Real Housewives of Vancouver started with a bang and ended with a boom - RONNIE style!

Tonight was the launch party of Ronnie's new wine, Rehab. Everyone was there. We even got to see Russell, Ronnie's husband which was a welcome treat. It was also Jhordan's birthday. An important night for Ronnie and her family. I was very much hoping that Jody and Mia would be nice or at least tone it down a little. A smooth evening in Vancouver was not meant to be.

Reiko brought along her friend, Darla. As soon as Darla and Mia's eyes locked you could tell they had a hate on for one another. We already knew that Darla wasn't a fan of Jody's.

Mary's friend, Fiona was there as well. Jody wasted no time in telling Fiona off about plastic surgery and her big arms. Jody wasn't very quiet about it either. Jody didn't stop there. She proceeded to accuse Reiko of sleeping around on Sunny. I have never even met Reiko and I can't see it. Sorry.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the room. Mia was getting into it with Darla. Mia even made the motion of throwing up, alluding to the fact that Darla made her sick.

I, like many others have sometimes enjoyed the Clamans antics but I didn't tonight. I know Mia is still young and she'd had a few drinks in her and I'm not making excuses for her but why on earth  would you act that way, this night. The same goes for Jody. Ronnie didn't act that way at your event, not even close. Your fight is supposed to be with Reiko, Mary and Christina not Ronnie. She was your biggest supporter all season and you killed it. I have never seen Ronnie as mad as I did tonight.

When Ronnie got everyone together for lunch, I never expected that. I knew something big was going to go down but that was rough. It was an intervention. Jody's intervention. Throughout each scene you could see Ronnie's body language turn to stone.

Is this the future of RHOV? Then there were four

So, Ronnie has sent Jody packing. Mary, Reiko and Christina have also made it clear that Jody is 'persona non grata'. The reunion show should be interesting and of course it will be dramatic - will Jody have her own couch?

And, in case you missed it - Reiko said the "F" word! I almost fell off my chair. Jody made her do Yes, Reiko cursed and looked beautiful doing it.

I don't know what the future holds for these women and the show but I would like to see them ALL return. It was two plus months that went too fast. It feels as if we were just getting to know the women and their families and all of a sudden - POOF - it's over.

Thank you to Ronnie, Jody, Mary, Reiko and Christina for letting us into your lives. It's been a trip. A fantastic trip and a trip I want to take again.

just my point of view... :o)

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